Year Old

"Our advisor was very helpful in this whole process. I would refer people that are working with mortgages to you at any time. Very fast response. Could not believe he actually called me as fast as he did. Thank you"

- Michael R.

About CapWest Mortgage


CapWest Mortgage is a diversified bank integrated financial services company dedicated to providing high quality loan products and services to its customers


CapWest philosophies are paralleled with that of its parent, Farmers Bank & Trust, N.A., of Great Bend, Kansas; quality, honesty, integrity and ethics. A progressive national banking organization, Farmers Bank & Trust has strengthened customer confidence for over 97 years.


Since 1971, this family owned community bank has grown in assets from $4 million to more than $625 Million and maintains branch banking locations throughout the Central Kansas Region


With Farmers Bank & Trust, N.A., a leader in Kansas Banking, CapWest has a strong capital cornerstone, resources and expertise to prove valuable and stable to both homeowners and small business owners alike.


CapWest members focus on the very principles and ideals for which the company was founded; To provide high quality products and services to its customers in a professional, efficient manner while using creativity to structure transactions that will maximize your proceeds, passing all possible cost savings and benefits on to you or your business. Its members are all experts in their field of concentration bringing knowledge and value to your financial situation.